Bolivia 2015

In just 25 days we leave!  We are excited about this journey and all that God will accomplish through YOUR help and generous contributions!  Thank you!  Gracias!  We are blessed and honored to take what you have given and share it with the children in the four schools where we will minister!

We have an incredible team to work with!  PICMONKEY bolivia2015There are three new members not pictured, as well as some of us “regulars”.  Be in prayer for the “newbies”, Daniel and Lacy Ridley, and Shelly Curti as they experience what we LOVE about Bolivia!

Pray for the entire team, Jeff, Angie, Floyd, Sandi, Chase, Chase, Shelly, David, April, Cindy, Aubrey, Lacy and Daniel.  To GOD be all the glory for all the good things are able to accomplish!  Pray for traveling mercies, good weather as all teaching, games and activities will be outside. Pray for good health–as our team is smaller, we will need all hands on deck every day!

Pray for the families back  home- for peace and protection as well.

Last year was quite incredible as we met for prayer on the last day to pray with the pastor of the newly constructed church and it’s congregation–The Holy Spirit rained down as we had none ever experienced.  And three hours later—we finally walked into the church for service.  What a GREAT God we serve!

We would like to thank you all who have contributed to get Bibles in our hands to give, soccer balls, school supplies and for every single one who has helped one of our team members raise their funds for this trip.  The blessings and benefits will pour into your life and be your reward –LONG after this trip is over.

Stay tuned as we leave in 25 days to our personal blog, The Knightly News and Life-Missions and MORE.  And to our personal facebook pages!  We want to hear from you!

We hope that you will consider going with us next year when we return, should God will and continue to lead us in that direction!

It’s all for Him….


Focus Forward Ministries

Post Office Box 5773

Marianna, Florida  32447

Copyright protected Focus Forward Ministries 2015.

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