Interested in Missions?


If you would like to participate in an upcoming trip, or if your church would like to take part in hosting a trip, please contact our team with the dates you have in mind for your church.  For individuals wanting to participate in the yearly trip to Bolivia, the dates are generally the first week of September.

Cost of the trip to Bolivia range from approximately $1800* which includes:

  • Pre-Trip Planning
  • Round-trip airfare from Tallahassee or Pensacola, Florida* to Bolivia,
  • All meals once we leave the airport
  • Transportation while in country
  • Lodging while in country
  • Translators for each work/crusade team.

It is an exciting opportunity to fellowship, grow in your faith, and make a life changing difference for someone else–as well as become a changed life in the process.  We look forward to many journey’s ahead!

Giving All-Until He Comes,

The Focus Forward Team

*Price of trip and departure location subject to change.


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